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​8 Apps for your iPhone/ Apple watch that you wish existed, that actually do!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

In the ever-expanding world of apps, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered for your Apple Watch and iPhone. While popular apps dominate the spotlight, there are lesser-known apps that offer unique and valuable experiences. From habit tracking and sleep analysis to weather forecasts and child-locks, these under-the-radar apps bring practicality, convenience, and even a touch of fun to your Apple devices. Join us as we explore a curated list of lesser-known apps that can enhance your Apple Watch and iPhone usage in ways you might not have imagined.

Streaks - Streaks is the to-do list app that helps you form good habits. Every day you complete a task, your streak extends. You can choose or create up to 24 tasks, ranging from walking the dog to practicing a new language. Working on something every day helps you form a new habit and the app encourages you to not break the chain, or your streak will reset to zero days. It also integrates with the iOS Health app, automatically tracking certain goals like walking 5,000 steps or running for 5 miles. Not all tasks are for every day, and you can set specific days for certain tasks so you don't break your streak. The Apple Watch version of Streaks provides a quick view of tasks remaining for the day and allows you to mark tasks as complete.

Wim Hof Method - The Wim Hof Method watch app is an excellent tool for breathwork and mindfulness. The app has health integration, syncs with the phone app for tracking, records heart rate, and plays constant audio through the speaker. It's an interesting application, especially if you're into the Wim Hof breathing technique.

MealCoach - MealCoach is a Guided Eating App that helps reduce overeating and encourages mindful eating. If you're looking to improve your eating habits, this might be a useful app to consider.

Superlock App - Superlock App is the ultimate solution for your Apple Watch's screen locking needs. Whether you want to establish a child lock, prevent accidental screen interactions during gym workouts, or secure your watch from unintended inputs, Superlock is there for you. The app requires a two-tap and long-press sequence at the bottom of the screen to unlock, which keeps your watch secure in various situations. One of its unique features is the stealth mode, which makes the watch appear out of battery while hiding the unlock instructions, aiding in managing situations when children are denied access to the device.

Just Press Record - Just Press Record is a simple, one-tap recording app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It allows you to easily record voice memos, conversations, or ideas whenever inspiration strikes. The app also transcribes your recordings into text in real time and supports multiple languages.

Sleep++ - Sleep tracking is a feature that many smartwatch users appreciate. Sleep++ is an app designed for the Apple Watch that helps you understand your sleep patterns. The app tracks the duration and quality of your sleep, helping you make adjustments to improve your rest.

Outcast - For podcast enthusiasts, Outcast is a must-have. This app allows you to browse, download, and play podcasts directly on your Apple Watch, without the need to have your iPhone nearby. It's perfect for those runs or walks when you want to catch up on your favorite shows.

Citymapper - Citymapper is a comprehensive travel and transit app that supports several major cities worldwide. It provides real-time departure info, disruption alerts, and even step-by-step instructions for your journey. What sets Citymapper apart is its Apple Watch integration, providing all this valuable information right on your wrist.

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