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We made an app to keep our 5 year old and 2 year old out of our Apple Watches

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Why Us

Download the Superlock App

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It locks down the crown, side button and screen of your Apple Watch

Two taps and long press.png

It's two taps and long press to unlock

You can also change it if they figure it out

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Turn on stealth mode for bedtime

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Your watch screen is blank

Use your usual combo to unlock

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Watch how it works, don't show the kids

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Why (1).png

Hi there, fellow moms! As a mom of two and a tech-enthusiast, I am thrilled to share with you Superlock, a product that I've developed to address our Apple Watch screen locking needs.

We all know how our curious little ones love to tap and swipe on our Apple Watches, don't we? And who hasn't had that mid-workout moment when you accidentally trigger something on your watch screen? Superlock is here to help with all of that.

My creation, the Superlock Child Lock App, was designed with us moms in mind, giving us ultimate control over our Apple Watches. It's really simple to use - a quick two-tap and long-press sequence at the bottom of the screen unlocks the app. This unique unlocking method ensures that our watches stay secure, whether we're keeping them safe from our little explorers, preventing unintended touches during a workout, or just need to keep the screen locked while wearing gloves.


What's more, Superlock is the ideal workout companion for your Apple Watch. You can set it to start with a water lock for added security during activities like hiking or climbing, ensuring that our watches stay locked, even in the most demanding situations.


But what I'm most proud of as a mom is Superlock's stealth mode. This clever feature makes the watch look as if it's out of battery while hiding the unlock instructions. Trust me, this has been a game changer for managing those times when the kids are upset about not being allowed to play with my watch.


Plus, I've made sure Superlock can handle the single crown click and double crown click system settings with water lock. No more worrying about kids accidentally causing awkward moments during important meetings or events.


Give Superlock a try today and experience the peace of mind that comes with a secure and child-friendly screen lock for your Apple Watch. Whether it's child-proofing, workout-proofing, or just general screen lock needs, Superlock has got you covered. Click on the button below to download now! I hope it makes your life a little bit easier, just like it has mine!

How It Works

Hear from parents who actually have their Apple Watch to themselves 

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"My son figured out the Apple water lock in a day, it's been two weeks since I've had the Superlock on and so far so good"

James, Atlanta

Download Superlock from the app store

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